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Levon Helm Said This…

“We are all rhythm section guys, so we all understand how the cow chewed the cabbage. ”

I have no idea what that means, but I like it anyway.


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Here is a Fun Slam

U2 are a decent band and I like the Edge. Their hits are fun to sing along to, and I’m sure seeing them would be cool, but this bitter old dude named Lefestz eviscerated them on his blog. ” U2 are tax exiles who like money.  Notice they didn’t rescue “Spider-Man” with their own cash. Edge needs to build in Malibu because…”

Now that’s awesome. Read the whole thing here:

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Not There’s Rhythm Section Turns 57 @ Hot Cat on Saturday Night

Not There is playing a special show on Saturday Night at Hot Cat. Marco and I are both blessed with early June, Gemini birthdays, and we thought it would be a gas to play a crazy gig. Instead of playing a “normal” not there show, we’re gonna let fate decide wtf we’re going to play. The box of destiny will determine the song sequence and force numerous insane musical contortions. You might get to see me play guitar or hear Sam the Bass Man rap. Good times. There will also be some kind of crazy & provocative drink special to get & keep the party lubricated. Our friends Randy Able & the Able Stable are gonna open. They play bluegrass, which means Saturday night will be a rare chance to hoedown and do the “not there chicken dance” (I’m talking to you here Renzo). btw I’m turning 30 and not exactly chuffed about it…

Not There Birthday Extravaganza @ Hot Cat

When: Saturday June 4th @ 9pm

How Much: It’s free…

What to bring: Money, Party Supplies & Affection

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5/28/11 @ Club 13

First of all, a big thanks to everyone who made the trek North to Wu Dao Kou, it was a great turnout and the band had a blast. More props to the guys (and girl) from Glow Curve. Our whole band loved their set and I’m def. looking forward to playing with them again ASAP.

I thought our set was tight, funky and in the pocket, which is what we’ve been working up to for awhile. The highlights for me were the wickedly funky Psycho Killer cover to get the ball rolling, the best See we’ve thrown down yet, and a stretched out Trapped–>Hello Katie.

We taped the show from the soundboard so we’ll get a copy up to and our douban page as soon a we master it.


Psycho Killer, Matches, Kickdrum, See, Disco F, Trapped–>Hello Katie

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5/27/11 Hot Cat Wrap

A pretty good show with a lot of jamming. We really went without a net for most of the set (mostly my fault for completely ignoring Nick’s setlist…) Highlights were the opening Hello Katie–>Matches and a really heavy and exploratory Yong Li. I know there was someone taping the show and we’ll try to get a copy and whack that up on ASAP. The setlist is very approximate, I don’t really remember much of the set after the first 3 songs.


5/27/11 @ Hot Cat

Hello Katie–>Matches–>Yong Li, Kickdrum, STG

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You Should Know the Meters

You wanna play drums & bass? Listen & learn.

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Dance 4 Possibilities: Live @ 13 Club

We’re playing at 13 Club in Wu Dao Kou on Saturday night with some of our best friends: Nan Wu, Glow Curve (nee Maze) & Nakoma.

It’s 40 rmb to get in and the show starts @ 9pm. For our money (and since we’re promoting this gig it is our money) they are the  best 3 bands in Beijing. The show details are listed below. We will also be playing at Hot Cat tonight (Friday @ 10pm). Check it out if you’re in the neighborhood (Gulou, Lama Temple, Fangjia Hutong).

Dance 4 Possibilities

Bands: Not There, Nanwu, Glow Curve & Nakoma

Where: 13 Club in Wu Dao Kou:

When: 9pm

How Much: 40 rmb with a beer thrown in

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