Interview Transcript: Not There & Dean Pickles

Not There has done exactly one interview in the last year. Dean Pickles, a true denizen of the Beijing scene, sat down with us over 7 alarm Cosby Chili to chat about life, music and whatever else popped into our heads.

Pickles: Your songs go on for a long time, do you think that alienates people?

Edo: Probably.

Nick: Perhaps but we don’t really care.

Jon: I mean the crowd, who cares. We’re totally in it for the art. It’s about using a post symbolic language to express our existential viewpoint.

Marco: What?

Edo: I agree with Jon, but I think that’s only true if you follow the discourse. It’s really micro-logical in essence. Pickles, have you seen Big Road?

Pickles: I guess that’s a different discourse?

Marco: But you have to consider it from a free-market perspective. I mean it’s all about incentives…

Nick: You people suck, I thought we were talking about music today.

Pickles: Ok, ok. Nick, do you like LCD Soundsystem?

Nick: No, that guy sings like a moaning hipster bitch. Jon likes them a lot.

Jon: Yeah dude. Nar Nar.

Pickles: Edo what do you listen to?

Edo: I have been listening to a collection of sheepherd music from southern Italy. It’s very droning, ambient. I get tired of all this trashy music these Americans make me play.

Marco: Yeah, I mean Jesus, I can relate.

Nick: Stay in the pocket, fill less.

Jon: Sigh…

Pickles: Jesus, enough. Are there any other bands you guys respect in Beijing?

Nick: Edo respects everyone. I like Maze, Jon likes/hates Nan Wu. We like Nico.

Jon: Not me, he’s a better bass player, but like at least I’m still better than SAM.

Marco: No you’re not…

Jon: Sigh…

Pickles: How would you sum up your sound in one word?

Nick: Lucid.

Edo: Compromise.

Marco: Mediocre.

Jon: Phish-Rip-OFF

Pickles: Are you religious? I have a friend who started a religion.

Nick: Christ, not this again…

Marco: I have a sales call to make, bye.

Edo: I want to learn more.

Jon: Sigh…

Pickles: Thanks guys, we’ll talk again soon.


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