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Dirty Girlz (for Ana K)

As some of you might know, we’ve been sitting on a bunch of singles. Because we had such a great time at dazeFEAST, we thought it would be cool to give away our first single for free.

Dirty Girlz (for Ana K) is dedicated to our creative partner, the incomparable Ana Kova. She’s helped us design our logo and numerous posters and she is just generally awesome. Check out her site for more details.

You can download the song by clicking the download button in the upper left hand corner of the soundcloud embed below.



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Thank You DazeFeast

A huge thanks to BeijngDaze for letting us rock the late night set. We had a blast and hope those of you who made it did too. We’ll be on holiday for the month of July, but keep your ears peeled for news about some wicked gigs in August  & September.



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Thanks to My September

For organizing the gig last Saturday night at Blue Stream. We had a blast. Great vibe, great bands, great sound.

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Block out the Noise

There is always someone to tell you that you’re doing it wrong.

They do it to feel better about themselves and to:

1)  look superior

2) be a part of something and take credit

Be yourself and sink or swim in our own skin.

Being what you’re not never works out in the long run.

People see through it.

Whatever happens outside the square is just noise.

It’s up to you whether or not to turn it into music.

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The Panopticon In Your Pocket

When you hear the word authoritarianism, what jumps to mind?

Dictators, tanks, guns, maybe a junta if Latin America is your thing.

What we’re really talking about is power and how it’s wielded. Authoritarianism is the centralization of power: political, military and economic, in very few hands.

But that’s pretty boring and obvious. Right?

What I find interesting isn’t the tectonic saber rattling of nations. I’m interested in the way power becomes micrological, that is, the way power is internalized and effects our actions, often without us being conscious of it.

What scares me about the “modern world” is the interaction between power, regimes of surveillance and personal technology.

The idea that big brother is watching you, that doesn’t scare me at all. I grew up with cameras in the shopping mall and school. And governments, it turns out, tend not to give a shit about what people do unless it’s really threatening (obviously the definition of threatening is pretty relative, almost everything is threatening in say North Korea).

The Panopticon isn’t closed circuit TV and it isn’t  created by the government. The Panopticon is created by us and it is in your pocket and on your social networks.

Everyone is possible fodder for a youtube or youku video made on an iPhone. The ability to edit & spread these videos is creating a regime of surveillance far more worrisome than something a government can cook up. With a government, you can at least try and speak truth to power. What truth is there on youtube? Or Weibo? Or twitter?

The truth is today’s meme. And maybe, if you’re unlucky enough, it will be you.


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This Poor Lady Should Come to Temple on Thursday

So it’s my birthday on Thursday. (Well sort of, close enough for either horseshoes or hand grenades). Not There, out of sheer coincidence, is playing at Temple. We are planning on dropping bombs. That’s all I’m going to say. (and it’s free).


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