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Update on the Q Live Situation

I had a nice meeting with Li Peng, the Associate Publisher of Q Live today.

First of all, he’s a great guy and just meeting with him made me feel a lot better about the situation.

I don’t think it’s appropriate to get into specifics about what happened with the show on the 25th, but it seems like Q Live will be making steps to ensure nothing like that happens with one of their events again.

We also explored the possibility of  working together in the not-to-distant future and we’re excited to give things another go.

Sometimes strong relationships start with a fight. Hopefully this will be one of those cases.



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Wu Feiliao

无废料 演出头条乐队:A公馆

我们很高兴,A公馆这回和Not There同时作为无废料演出的头条乐队。

在9月15日在愚公移山举办的无废料演出已经开始卖票了,你可以拨打愚公移山的订票电话15801696310或者给Not There的邮箱Not.There.Presents@gmail.com发邮件订票。如果淘宝才是你的菜的话,猛戳

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No Filler Acoustic Showcase: Sunday September 2nd at School Bar

Not There might be an “electro-rock” band but we have deep roots in acoustic music. I’m guessing most of y’all don’t know that Nick & I backed up roots music stalwart Randy Abel for his 1st ever Beijing show, but it’s true!

We thought No Filler would be the perfect reason to showcase one of our favorite acoustic bands in Beijing: the Ring Road Ramblers. The Ramblers are a traditional bluegrass trio featuring Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin and high / lonesome harmonies.

So if bluegrass is your thing, join us this Sunday Night at School Bar for an evening of bluegrass.

Oh yeah, we almost forgot, there’s some kinda strange eating contest thing going on too. It involves hot dogs, bao zi and a (friendly) Chinese v. Foreigner challenge.

Intrigued? The show starts at 7:30…

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No Filler Concert Headliners: Residence A

We are very happy to announce that Residence A will be co-headlining the No Filler concert with Not There.

Residence A bring a true focus and dedication to making rock music and we feel very lucky to be sharing the stage with them. If any band embodies the No Filler attitude–music first & everything else second–it’s definitely Residence A.

Tickets for the No Filler Concert at Yugongyishan on September 15th are on sale now. Give the Yugongyishan box office a call at 1-580-169-6310 or drop Not There an email at If Taobao is your thing, check out

Pre-sale tickets are only 50 RMB!



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No Filler Is A Concert

Ok everyone. We’ve had a lot of fun with the rumors about the show, but it’s time to spill the beans.

No Filler is a special concert we’re putting on at Yugongyishan on September 15th.

We’re calling it No Filler because we’re dedicated to the idea of putting on show with the bands we like the best. It’s not about who’s the biggest draw, or who’s popular at the moment. It’s simply the music we enjoy the most.

No Filler is about Not There playing a show with bands that we love to go see. Bands that we dance to. Bands that we think are doing really interesting things.

The first 2 bands we’re announcing are Pacalolo & My September.

To be blunt, My September isn’t famous or cool, they’re just fucking awesome. We played a show with them last Spring and were totally blown away by the intensity and intelligence of their set.  I will go on record and say that it was the best set of music I’ve ever seen in Beijing. We’re really excited to hear how their massive sound translates to the big stage at Yugongyishan.

Pacalolo is someone we’ve had our eyes on for a great long while. Our first encounter with their music came at the No. 6 practice space buried deep in the heart of Gulou’s hutongs. While taking a break from some serious jamming, our ears were peaked by the sound slinking out of the next room. It was a catchy mix of pop, disco & rock. And it was very sexy. We’ve been looking forward to playing with Pacalolo ever since we heard them rehearsing and we danced our assess off to their sassy, dance-punk set at the Beijinger New Music Festival. I know they’re going to turn Yugongyishan into a d.d.d. Disco.

So the first 2 cats are out of the bag, check back tomorrow to find out who’ll be co-headlining No Filler with Not There.

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What is No Filler (Chinese)

无废料是什么? 好了半天这周信息就公布。


无废料是Not There出的新专辑有Martin Rawlins录的

无废料是A公关的新专辑由Not There的键盘手爱德华录的


无废料是何明的Bass Solo 专辑


无废料是Gabriel Clermont 拍的短片



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No Filler Rumors: What is No Filler?

With this morning’s tirade complete, it’s time to get back to something fun. As you might have heard, Not There is involved in something called #NoFiller. We’ve heard a few hilarious rumors about what #NoFiller is. Whe thought it would be awesome to list them out, but with a slight caveat. One of the rumors is true…

– No Filler is a new Not There album produced by Martin Rawlins

– No Filler is a new Residence A album produced by Not There’s Edo

– No Filler is yet another outdoor festival at 2 Kolegas featuring SUBS, AIS & BBQ goat

– No Filler is a sampler CD featuring Jonathan Heeter’s finest bass solos

– No Filler is the China Dairy Board’s latest advertising campaign

Not Filler is a new video directed by Gabriel Clermont

– No Filler is a strange practical joke

– No Filler is a new Beijing super-group that mixes krautrock with Sichuan Opera & Mongolian Throat Singing

– No Filler is Nick’s soon-to-be-opened Greek Diner

What is No Filler?

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