Nietzsche Loves No Filler

As some of you know I have a pretty strong relationship with Mr. Will2Powah himself, Freddy Nietzsche. I interviewed him over lukewarm coffee at the Bridge Cafe for the now defunct China2Valley blog. It was pretty intense.

Once again, Nietzsche’s publicist reached out to me, indicating that Freddy wanted to have another chat, this time about music.

Of course, I was stoked.

Given the whole Germanic superman thang, I thought Cafe Zarah would be a suitable choice for our second chat–what with the Bretzels, floating waiters and artistic snapshots of trash from all over China. (I kid because I love.) What follows is my conversation with Nietzsche.


So, what’s happening dude? What are you up to?


Not a lot. I’ve just been sorta chilling. Looking forward to seeing James Murphy this weekend. And Chromatics. What a bill. Are you going?


No. I’ll be in Chongqing. I’ve gotta go to a wedding.


A wedding? That’s uh, whatever. Dude you’re slipping.


I mean whatever. Both of those bands are totally going to suck live.


Yeah, maybe.  But like, think about it in terms of the Eternal Recurrence. If you had to go to that wedding forever, you’d just be bored & drunk, eternally.


Fred, I always thought that theory was full of b.s. Anything done forever would probably suck, right?


Your songs go on forever, but I sorta like them. But what the hell is this No Filler thing?


No Filler is a concert dude.  September 15th at Yugongyishan. You should totally come. Wagner is gonna be there. You guys should patch things up. I mean bury the hatchet dude, it’s about time.


I’ll come, but you tell that Wagner douche to stay the hell away from me. Are you like one of those self-hating jews or something? Wagner…


No comment on the Jewish thing. Quick question though. What the hell are Eagle and the Snake in Zarathustra all about?


I was pretty whacked on bath salts at that point and I don’t really remember. I mean the only thing I’ll stand by from that book is that quote about the Buddha. “Blessed are the sleepy, for they will soon nod off.” You write in aphorisms, well let’s just say that’s a signal to people that you are full of shit.


(Tittles). When are we putting that Grateful Dead cover band together, you know the Jolly Ubermensch?


Whenever dude, I’ll bring my axe.



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2 responses to “Nietzsche Loves No Filler

  1. Men, I just read Nik’s interview with Baudrillard and now this one…
    You guys guys crack me up!
    I mean, who would have guessed that such nonchalant venom-spitting dance-producing photogenic aliens had connections with all those funky people?
    I’m a fan now. That blog’s bookmarked.
    PS: Are you gonna interview Michel Foucault, too?
    Because we’re kind of related…


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