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Marco Stock All Over Again

Remember when we threw that bash at 4corners? Here are some great photos from that concert we’ve been sitting on.

We’ve also got more pics from that night on our Facebook page.

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Digest with Not There at ‘dazeFEAST 2013

We close the festival.


Where: 2 Kolegas

When: Saturday, June 29. After midnight ’til dawn.

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Polly Pollen Gets Ready for Not There’s May 4th Show at Temple

In preparation for Not There’s May 4th show at Temple Bar, Polly Pollen went for a quiet ramble through the Beijing Hutongs. Bedlam ensued. Here are some choice snaps. Stay tuned for Polly Pollen’s adventures at Strawberry.


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No Filler Concert Headliners: Residence A

We are very happy to announce that Residence A will be co-headlining the No Filler concert with Not There.

Residence A bring a true focus and dedication to making rock music and we feel very lucky to be sharing the stage with them. If any band embodies the No Filler attitude–music first & everything else second–it’s definitely Residence A.

Tickets for the No Filler Concert at Yugongyishan on September 15th are on sale now. Give the Yugongyishan box office a call at 1-580-169-6310 or drop Not There an email at Not.There.Presents@gmail.com. If Taobao is your thing, check out http://veryrock.taobao.com/

Pre-sale tickets are only 50 RMB!



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Dirty Girlz (for Ana K)

As some of you might know, we’ve been sitting on a bunch of singles. Because we had such a great time at dazeFEAST, we thought it would be cool to give away our first single for free.

Dirty Girlz (for Ana K) is dedicated to our creative partner, the incomparable Ana Kova. She’s helped us design our logo and numerous posters and she is just generally awesome. Check out her site http://anakova.com/ for more details.

You can download the song by clicking the download button in the upper left hand corner of the soundcloud embed below.


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Please Sing in Chinese: An Open Letter

Dear Chinese Musicians:

I know you guys admire “Western Music” a lot. It’s cool that you’re inspired by what’s happening globally. From Joy Division to the Stones to the String Cheese Incident, I’ve seen Chinese bands bearing the all the hallmarks of inspiration: hairstyles, clothing, equipment and so on.

It’s cool. We all steal from what we love. I have no shame about copping the best parts of the Dead & LCD Soundsystem. However, I would like to offer you some advice.

Sing in Chinese.

Here are a few reasons why:

  1. The lyrics you write in your second language are either a) so painfully obvious that they sound like 4th grade Valentine’s Day Cards or b) make absolutely no sense.
  2. Even if your English lyrics are cool, you still need to be able to pronounce the words properly. If you don’t, it’s very hard to take you seriously. Mispronouncing words also ruins the timbre of your voice.
  3. You might think that by singing in English you’re making your band more appealing to a “global audience.” But you’re not. Truth is we’re all wallowing in an orientalist mire and not being able to understand your band in Chinese actually makes you more appealing. When we want rock with awful lyrics and terrible accents we listen to Jet.
  4. Hanggai are probably the biggest “Chinese” band outside of China at the moment. Do they sing in English? Does Lonely China Day? How about Cui Jian?
  5. You have more to say in your native language & in the end as an artist you should be making a statement.

I’m not trying to be mean, I’m just being honest. If you sing in Chinese, your lyrics will be better, the timbre of your voice will improve and you will be taken more seriously.

Please sing in Chinese. It’s a nice language and it deserves rock & roll too.

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