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5 Reasons to buy Stable Condition by the Randy Abel Stable

1. The ballads. Because this is the best hungover in Beijing album. Ever. I got drunk just so I could listen to it hungover.

2. Stable Condition leads the league in asides. If you don’t know what a banjo sounds like, don’t worry, someone in the band is happy to yell BANJO before the nimble thumbed @peterschloss thwacks away. #educational

3. The drummer from the Beijing Dead plays bass. And drums.

4. It turns out Josh sounds exactly like Mike Gordon from Phish. No really, check it out. Next album someone needs to yell CACTUS before Josh does anything. Actually every time Josh does Josh things in Beijing, @gabrieltrane should yell CACTUS. #playitcactus

5. I heard the Banjo player produced it. From now on, I am going to yell PRODUCER at him whenever he does Schlossie things.

Buy it on iTunes you cheap Hutong Lepers…


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Marco Stock All Over Again

Remember when we threw that bash at 4corners? Here are some great photos from that concert we’ve been sitting on.

We’ve also got more pics from that night on our Facebook page.

Marco Stock 2013-NotThere29 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere27 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere26 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere24 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere23 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere22 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere21 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere20 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere18 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere17 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere16 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere15 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere11 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere10 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere9 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere7 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere6 Marco Stock 2013-NotThere5 Marco Stock 2013-1

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Ugly Like Noise

This is what happens when Not There and a singer get together. A live recording. With the amazing Astin.

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Monsters? Foreign Bodies? Not There Live at Temple on July 20th

Or: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTgwMzgyNTg0.html

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MarcoStock 2013 in Photos

A fine evening of music. Thanks Chris Cook for the pics.

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This is Polly Pollen Dancing. Polly Pollen Embodies Not There

Polly. Pollen. Was Not There.

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the Iphone Blues 5/6/2013

Where I load 7 albums onto my iPhone, listen to them for a week (or more) and then write some stuff.

Artist: The Benevento Russo Duo

Album: Play Pause Stop

Comments: I’m not going to write about this album because it’s too good. Just listen to the single Play Pause Stop and draw your own conclusions.


Artist: The Black Crowes

Album: Before the Frost

Comments: Boring. Like listening to a Stones cover band. There’s even a “Black and Blue” rip-off sleazy disco song. Gross.


Artist: Caribou

Album: Swim

Comments: Very good. I dig Snaith. Dance music that you can’t dance to. Perfect for a bourgeoisie coffee shop.


Artist: Galactic

Album: Carnival Electricos

Comments: This has its moments but a Brazilian costume doesn’t really suit the New Orleans funk maestros. Also, I still miss the Houseman.


Artist: Giorgio Moroder

Album: From Here to Eternity

Comments: Giorgio has a big, creepy mustache and this album sounds like a big creepy mustache using technology to seduce Italian girls. I like it a lot.


Artist: Joey Beltram

Album: Live Mix

Comments: Old school hardcore house. Very awesome. You can hear Joey’s hands manipulating the decks. Energy Flash might be the best thing ever (at least it is right now).


Artist: Sally Shapiro

Album: Disco Romance

Comments: Every single note, every drum beat, every breath “Sally” sings is perfect. Perfect pop music.



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