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5 Reasons to buy Stable Condition by the Randy Abel Stable

1. The ballads. Because this is the best hungover in Beijing album. Ever. I got drunk just so I could listen to it hungover.

2. Stable Condition leads the league in asides. If you don’t know what a banjo sounds like, don’t worry, someone in the band is happy to yell BANJO before the nimble thumbed @peterschloss thwacks away. #educational

3. The drummer from the Beijing Dead plays bass. And drums.

4. It turns out Josh sounds exactly like Mike Gordon from Phish. No really, check it out. Next album someone needs to yell CACTUS before Josh does anything. Actually every time Josh does Josh things in Beijing, @gabrieltrane should yell CACTUS. #playitcactus

5. I heard the Banjo player produced it. From now on, I am going to yell PRODUCER at him whenever he does Schlossie things.

Buy it on iTunes you cheap Hutong Lepers…


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DazeFEAST 2013

Yeah, we’re there dude.

Everybody be hollerin' Goat at dazeFEAST 2013

Everybody be hollerin’ Goat at dazeFEAST 2013


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Introducing the Beijing Dead

Beijing needs a Grateful Dead cover band. Why? Well, why not. Now you’ve got one.

The Beijing Dead is:

Mike Newton; Guitar, Vocals

Nick Richards: Guitar

Parker Trevathan: Drums, Vocals

Jonathan Heeter: Bass

At this point you might have a few questions. Maybe you’re wondering what kind of Dead we’ll be playing. Will it be folkie? Will it be psychedelic? Will it be cheesy Bob Weir in cut-off shorts? Well you’ll just have to come to Hot Cat this Saturday Night to find out.

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Not There’s 2nd Birthday Party this Saturday Night

Not There is officially a toddler and we’re excited. We hope you’ll join us for a special night of FREE music this Saturday, November 17th at Hot Cat with very special guests the Randy Abel Stable. Expect some Not There / Stable cross-pollination too. Can you imagine the combination of Disco & Bluegrass?

Who: Not There with special guests the Randy Abel Stable

Where: Hot Cat

When: Show starts at 9:30 pm

How Much: Free!


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