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DazeFEAST 2013

Yeah, we’re there dude.

Everybody be hollerin' Goat at dazeFEAST 2013

Everybody be hollerin’ Goat at dazeFEAST 2013



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Not There Memories

We’re celebrating our 2nd Birthday this Saturday Night and I am mandated by law to do some kind of retrospective. So here are my favorite Not There memories. Let me know if I forgot anything.

  • Jamming in Edo’s old apartment in 5DK and writing See, Trade Off & Xiao Lei’s Blues
  • Our first show as a trio in front of 3.5 ppl at Mao Live. Computer, bass & guitar. We sounded very weird
  • Jamming with Donna and watching her play the tambourine in a converted Tongzhou fish farm
  • Donna’s last show & our first Halloween Party at Mao. Throwing candy
  • The first time Marco played a four on the floor beat
  • Getting Gung Ho Pizza delivered to us at Mao Live and eating slices on stage
  • Watching Marco dismantle a snare drum then put his head through it at Old What? bar
  • My 30th birthday party
  • All the Hot Cat shows that have blended into one long jam
  • Making art with Gabriel the Filmmaker
  • Recording Ruined, the Chauffeur, Trade Off and Dirty Girlz in an underground parking garage
  • All the cool posters & the logo that Ana K made us
  • Closing DazeFEAST & playing till dawn
  • Some mud covered hottie kissing Nick on-stage at dazeFEAST
  • That crazy girl who ate out of the trash can at dazeFEAST
  • Opening the Beijinger New Music Festival (AKA corporate dazeFEAST)
  • Sharing the stage with Namo
  • Sharing the stage with Residence A
  • Sharing the stage with Nokoma
  • Sharing the stage with My September
  • Sharing the stage with the Randy Abel Stable
  • Covering Elvis with Randy at Yugongyishan
  • No Filler
  • Band practice
  • Watching ppl dance to the music

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Thank You

We would like to thank everyone who was a part of No Filler. It was a great experience and we hope everyone who played, watched, danced and drank had as much fun as we had. Now some specific shout-outs.

Randy Abel: You are the best fucking country fried singer in this city and we rocked the hell out of Elvis.

Residence A: As always you guys were amazing.

My September: Your set was monumental, the band sounded like one big, crazy tripped out instrument.

Pacalolo: Disco.

Media Peeps: A special thanks to everyone who helped us get our message out.

Yugongyishan: Y’all dealt with us for 2 nights. Special thanks for working so hard behind the sound-board.

Beibei & Crew: Thanks for helping us make our crazy schemes come alive.

The Crowd: Ain’t no show without the energy you guys bring. Thanks for supporting our crazy, mostly instrumental electro-rock band & some of our favorite bands.



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Residence A at Mao Live

I went to see Residence A at Mao Live on Friday. It was great. Here, for no particular reason, are my notes from the show.

– Simple & direct

-Huge groove & big heartbeat (the drums are fucking great)

– Super tight with a deep pocket no matter how fast or slow they play

– Great energy, great stage presence

– Lot’s of soul & you can tell that they mean every note they play

– No bullshit & no acting

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Wu Feiliao

无废料 演出头条乐队:A公馆

我们很高兴,A公馆这回和Not There同时作为无废料演出的头条乐队。

在9月15日在愚公移山举办的无废料演出已经开始卖票了,你可以拨打愚公移山的订票电话15801696310或者给Not There的邮箱Not.There.Presents@gmail.com发邮件订票。如果淘宝才是你的菜的话,猛戳http://veryrock.taobao.com/

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No Filler Concert Headliners: Residence A

We are very happy to announce that Residence A will be co-headlining the No Filler concert with Not There.

Residence A bring a true focus and dedication to making rock music and we feel very lucky to be sharing the stage with them. If any band embodies the No Filler attitude–music first & everything else second–it’s definitely Residence A.

Tickets for the No Filler Concert at Yugongyishan on September 15th are on sale now. Give the Yugongyishan box office a call at 1-580-169-6310 or drop Not There an email at Not.There.Presents@gmail.com. If Taobao is your thing, check out http://veryrock.taobao.com/

Pre-sale tickets are only 50 RMB!



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No Filler Is A Concert

Ok everyone. We’ve had a lot of fun with the rumors about the show, but it’s time to spill the beans.

No Filler is a special concert we’re putting on at Yugongyishan on September 15th.

We’re calling it No Filler because we’re dedicated to the idea of putting on show with the bands we like the best. It’s not about who’s the biggest draw, or who’s popular at the moment. It’s simply the music we enjoy the most.

No Filler is about Not There playing a show with bands that we love to go see. Bands that we dance to. Bands that we think are doing really interesting things.

The first 2 bands we’re announcing are Pacalolo & My September.

To be blunt, My September isn’t famous or cool, they’re just fucking awesome. We played a show with them last Spring and were totally blown away by the intensity and intelligence of their set.  I will go on record and say that it was the best set of music I’ve ever seen in Beijing. We’re really excited to hear how their massive sound translates to the big stage at Yugongyishan.

Pacalolo is someone we’ve had our eyes on for a great long while. Our first encounter with their music came at the No. 6 practice space buried deep in the heart of Gulou’s hutongs. While taking a break from some serious jamming, our ears were peaked by the sound slinking out of the next room. It was a catchy mix of pop, disco & rock. And it was very sexy. We’ve been looking forward to playing with Pacalolo ever since we heard them rehearsing and we danced our assess off to their sassy, dance-punk set at the Beijinger New Music Festival. I know they’re going to turn Yugongyishan into a d.d.d. Disco.

So the first 2 cats are out of the bag, check back tomorrow to find out who’ll be co-headlining No Filler with Not There.

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