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the Iphone Blues 5/6/2013

Where I load 7 albums onto my iPhone, listen to them for a week (or more) and then write some stuff.

Artist: The Benevento Russo Duo

Album: Play Pause Stop

Comments: I’m not going to write about this album because it’s too good. Just listen to the single Play Pause Stop and draw your own conclusions.


Artist: The Black Crowes

Album: Before the Frost

Comments: Boring. Like listening to a Stones cover band. There’s even a “Black and Blue” rip-off sleazy disco song. Gross.


Artist: Caribou

Album: Swim

Comments: Very good. I dig Snaith. Dance music that you can’t dance to. Perfect for a bourgeoisie coffee shop.


Artist: Galactic

Album: Carnival Electricos

Comments: This has its moments but a Brazilian costume doesn’t really suit the New Orleans funk maestros. Also, I still miss the Houseman.


Artist: Giorgio Moroder

Album: From Here to Eternity

Comments: Giorgio has a big, creepy mustache and this album sounds like a big creepy mustache using technology to seduce Italian girls. I like it a lot.


Artist: Joey Beltram

Album: Live Mix

Comments: Old school hardcore house. Very awesome. You can hear Joey’s hands manipulating the decks. Energy Flash might be the best thing ever (at least it is right now).


Artist: Sally Shapiro

Album: Disco Romance

Comments: Every single note, every drum beat, every breath “Sally” sings is perfect. Perfect pop music.




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