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What PapayaMobile Taught Me About Being in a Rock Band

I worked at the mobile social gaming platform PapayaMobile for about 6 months. It was a great experience and I learned a lot about the Web, gaming, virality and HR. I’ve been using some of the lessons I learned at Papaya to help promote our band, not there.

Here they are:

1. User experience comes first.

Papaya puts a lot of energy into making sure they constantly improve the user experience on the Papaya Network. In not there, we have been working very hard to find ways to improve the audience’s experience at our shows. We’re taking a long hard look at everything from sound quality to how good the bar is.


2. Make it a game.

Long term, we’re going to be exploring different gamification ideas inspired by the techniques Papaya and their 3rd party developers use to keep gamers coming back.


3. Freemium first.

not there isn’t afraid of being creative with our business model. We don’t need to make money on ticket sales if we can find other ways to monetize. The important thing is getting ourselves heard in a very crowded marketplace. Papaya’s focus on a freemium strategy was a real eye-opener for me.


4. Work with great people.

We’re in a band together because we are friends first and we’re all committed to building not there, step-by-step. Papaya is an interesting company because CEO Shen Si has worked hard to surround herself with great people who buy into the Papaya Way.


5. It has to be fun.

If what you’re doing isn’t fun, you can’t be good at it.


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