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Marco Stock All Over Again

Remember when we threw that bash at 4corners? Here are some great photos from that concert we’ve been sitting on.

We’ve also got more pics from that night on our Facebook page.

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the Beijing Dead Live @ Hot Cat Friday Night


The Beijing Dead and Illness Sickness are rocking Hot Cat this Friday Night. Get your Grateful Dead fix in China. The show starts at 9pm. It’s free. Hot Cat Club is located at 46 Fangjia Hutong. Dig.

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A 30 Second Ad Attempting to Convince You to See Not There Live in Beijing

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This is Polly Pollen Dancing. Polly Pollen Embodies Not There

Polly. Pollen. Was Not There.

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the Iphone Blues 5/6/2013

Where I load 7 albums onto my iPhone, listen to them for a week (or more) and then write some stuff.

Artist: The Benevento Russo Duo

Album: Play Pause Stop

Comments: I’m not going to write about this album because it’s too good. Just listen to the single Play Pause Stop and draw your own conclusions.


Artist: The Black Crowes

Album: Before the Frost

Comments: Boring. Like listening to a Stones cover band. There’s even a “Black and Blue” rip-off sleazy disco song. Gross.


Artist: Caribou

Album: Swim

Comments: Very good. I dig Snaith. Dance music that you can’t dance to. Perfect for a bourgeoisie coffee shop.


Artist: Galactic

Album: Carnival Electricos

Comments: This has its moments but a Brazilian costume doesn’t really suit the New Orleans funk maestros. Also, I still miss the Houseman.


Artist: Giorgio Moroder

Album: From Here to Eternity

Comments: Giorgio has a big, creepy mustache and this album sounds like a big creepy mustache using technology to seduce Italian girls. I like it a lot.


Artist: Joey Beltram

Album: Live Mix

Comments: Old school hardcore house. Very awesome. You can hear Joey’s hands manipulating the decks. Energy Flash might be the best thing ever (at least it is right now).


Artist: Sally Shapiro

Album: Disco Romance

Comments: Every single note, every drum beat, every breath “Sally” sings is perfect. Perfect pop music.



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The iPhone Blues: April 22nd

Wherein I load 7 albums on my iPhone, listen to them for a week, and write something about each record.


Artist: Alice Coltrane

Album: Journey in Satchidananda

Comments: A meditation on life and death. Pharaoh Saunders. Harp. Om. A deep record, you should listen to it late at night.


Artist: Brian Eno

Album: Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy

Comments: Art-punk before punk existed, Eno used a deck of cards called Oblique Strategies to mimick the randomizing effect of the I Ching. The results are weird, moving and incredibly influential. Repetition is a form of change.


Artist: Dr. John

Album: The Sun, Moon and Herbs

Comments: Gris Gris. Voodoo. Funk. Death and magic lurking everywhere. A criminally underrated Dr. John record. Zu Zu Mamou might be the most terrifying thing ever, in a very good way.


Artist: James Blake

Album: Overgrown

Comments: No one else sounds like James Blake. You can trace his influences–Burial, R&B, Gospel–but Blake somehow blends them into something way more interesting than “spot the influences.” Overgrown is close to a perfect album. It has 9 songs that are basically a window into Blake’s bittersweet head-space. But (and this is a big but) Overgrown is marred by the absolutely horrendous RZA collaboration “Take a Fall for Me.” It is hard to over-state how terrible this song is. It weighs down Overgrown like sack of rotting potatoes, damning the entire record. Deleting it from iTunes doesn’t help either, because you still know it exists.


Artist: STS 9

Album: NYE.ATL.08

Comments: I like STS9 a lot but this record is missing something. It’s culled from a New Year’s Eve run, but it lacks the narrative of a good STS 9 show. I highly recommend downloading an STS9 show from either the band’s website or archive.org.


Artist: Stuart Duncan, Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer and Yo-Yo Ma

Album: The Goat Rodeo Sessions

Comments: Since leaving pop bluegrass favorites Nickel Creek, Chris Thile has been concocting a strange fusion of Bluegrass and Classical Music with his band the Punch Brothers. The Punch Brothers records are close to good, but show their seems a little bit too much. The Goat Rodeo Sessions, however, represents a seamless blending of the American Folk tradition and Baroque romanticism. This is a great a record for a Sunday afternoon if you have a very, very intellectual front porch to sit on.


Artist: Tom Waits

Album: Glitter and Doom (Live)

Comments: It turns out a circa 2009 Tom Waits show is basically a freaked-out, lysergic blues revival carnival. The band is super tight and Waits is “in good voice.”  This is definitely not a “greatest hits live!” album, it’s like a post-card from the road. If you like Tom Waits, you’ll like Glitter and Doom. If you aren’t sure, this probably won’t help you make up your mind.

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the iPhone Blues: April 15th

7 days, 7 albums loaded onto my iPhone. Here’s what I listened to and what I have to say about it.


Artist: Bob Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Review

Album: Live 1975, the Rolling Thunder Review

Comments: For me, the best part of this record is Rob Stoner’s bass playing. The pocket is huge and he is tirelessly inventive, turning the basic structures of most of Dylan’s songs into a strange canvass for melodic bass playing. Scarlet Rivera’s violin playing is also melodic and biting, giving most of the gig a similar feel to Dylan’s other 1975 masterpiece “Desire.” Dylan isn’t in great voice but he brings a lot of energy to the table. Live 1975 is a treat for Dylan fans but its not for everyone.


Artist: David Bowie

Album: Young Americans

Comments: A Philly Soul rock record, there aren’t many of these. Somehow, the Thin White Duke pulls it off, intricate MSFB arrangements stacked against dystopian lyrics about the pitfalls of fame. Philly Soul had a short run, with disco quickly supplanting it as pop music’s flavor of the week, but it’s a shame more artists haven’t looked to the genre for inspiration.


Artist: Flower Travellin’ Band

Album: Flower Travellin’ Band

Comments: The Flower Travellin’ Band are a Japanese psychedelic rock band from the 70s (?). I don’t have a ton of info about them, but their music is an apolcalyptic combination of heavy riffs, banging drums and fiery guitars. Fans of Black Sabbath should check them out.


Artist: Fuck Buttons

Album: Tarot Sport

Comments: I liked this album a lot when it was released in 2009, but I couldn’t really get into it last week.


Artist: Miguel

Album: Kaleidoscope Dream

Comments: A lot of people think this was the best R & B album made last year. In terms of production quality, hooks and vibe I agree with them. But (and this is a big but) Kaleidoscope Dream is filled with lyrical clunkers that I just can’t deal with. The worst offender is probably “Do You Like Drugs” which juxtaposes that line with do you like hugs? What’s sad is the synth bass underpinning the song is so hooky its warbling around my head while I’m trying to pan this record. I’m conflicted.


Artist: Miles Davis

Album: In a Silent Way

Comments: Fusion is a genre that was horrendously abused by people wearing headbands and berets. The word fusion evokes solos, lots of notes, chops and record executives trying to find jazz for white people. I hate Jaco Pastorius. I hate Return to Forever. I hate the entire genre. But for some insane reason critics like to call the electric music Miles Davis made in the late 60s and 70s “fusion.” This is wrong. There are no berets and there aren’t many solos. The playing is collective and strange, beautifully lyrical and completely unhinged. Miles is the anti beret: there’s no mental masturbation here.

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