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the Beijing Dead Live @ Hot Cat Friday Night


The Beijing Dead and Illness Sickness are rocking Hot Cat this Friday Night. Get your Grateful Dead fix in China. The show starts at 9pm. It’s free. Hot Cat Club is located at 46 Fangjia Hutong. Dig.


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Stealth Not There Show Tonight at Hot Cat

Not There hits the stage at Midnight. Open bar Tsing Taos. People get ready.

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Not There Live @ Temple on May 4th

It’s been 7 months since Not There hit the stage. We’re back. See you at Temple on May 4th.

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Dirty Girlz Live

In China, Watch it Here


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Not There Live at Zajia

This Friday is the last chance to catch Not There in 2012. Don’t miss it, because there will be candles and DJs and all kinds of weirdness.

Where: Zajia

When: 10 pm

Who: Not There, DJ ollo-MAM (Shanghai) and DJ Mu Xiaohu

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Not There Memories

We’re celebrating our 2nd Birthday this Saturday Night and I am mandated by law to do some kind of retrospective. So here are my favorite Not There memories. Let me know if I forgot anything.

  • Jamming in Edo’s old apartment in 5DK and writing See, Trade Off & Xiao Lei’s Blues
  • Our first show as a trio in front of 3.5 ppl at Mao Live. Computer, bass & guitar. We sounded very weird
  • Jamming with Donna and watching her play the tambourine in a converted Tongzhou fish farm
  • Donna’s last show & our first Halloween Party at Mao. Throwing candy
  • The first time Marco played a four on the floor beat
  • Getting Gung Ho Pizza delivered to us at Mao Live and eating slices on stage
  • Watching Marco dismantle a snare drum then put his head through it at Old What? bar
  • My 30th birthday party
  • All the Hot Cat shows that have blended into one long jam
  • Making art with Gabriel the Filmmaker
  • Recording Ruined, the Chauffeur, Trade Off and Dirty Girlz in an underground parking garage
  • All the cool posters & the logo that Ana K made us
  • Closing DazeFEAST & playing till dawn
  • Some mud covered hottie kissing Nick on-stage at dazeFEAST
  • That crazy girl who ate out of the trash can at dazeFEAST
  • Opening the Beijinger New Music Festival (AKA corporate dazeFEAST)
  • Sharing the stage with Namo
  • Sharing the stage with Residence A
  • Sharing the stage with Nokoma
  • Sharing the stage with My September
  • Sharing the stage with the Randy Abel Stable
  • Covering Elvis with Randy at Yugongyishan
  • No Filler
  • Band practice
  • Watching ppl dance to the music

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Not There’s 2nd Birthday Party this Saturday Night

Not There is officially a toddler and we’re excited. We hope you’ll join us for a special night of FREE music this Saturday, November 17th at Hot Cat with very special guests the Randy Abel Stable. Expect some Not There / Stable cross-pollination too. Can you imagine the combination of Disco & Bluegrass?

Who: Not There with special guests the Randy Abel Stable

Where: Hot Cat

When: Show starts at 9:30 pm

How Much: Free!


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